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Strategies For Deals That Are Falling Apart

Blog by Nigel Denham, Senior Vice President - Sales | September 6th, 2017

Anyone involved in the GTA real estate market understands that the market has changed dramatically since the introduction of the government changes in April.  These changes, announced without any advance warning, have had a dramatic impact for many buyers and sellers who bought or sold the property prior to their introduction. My office has had many deals involving buyers who could not close either because they could not sell their existing property for the price that they expected to receive or because their lender reappraised the property that they were buying for a lower value resulting in insufficient mortgage funds. Regardless, the buyer could not close and requested either an extension of the closing date or a price reduction from the seller. Here are some tips to consider with deals that may be falling apart. Read More...

Article Provided By: Isenberg & Shuman